The Greek Gods Book Tag

I saw this on Charlotte Annelise’s blog and who does not like Greek gods? So I thought why not, let’s do this! 😀 And anyone who wants to do this tag should! 🙂

(also I will try to post more regularly it has just been very hectic lately. Work, life!)


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ZEUS: King of the Gods – Your Favourite Books (of all time!)


If anyone’s seen my last few posts I don’t think any of of these came as a surprise! This was actually really hard to just limit to four but I thought I would dub this one as my favourite books of all time for a bit more DRAMA.


HERA: Queen of the Gods – A Badass Female Character


Did you expect me to answer with anyone else other than Celeana Sardothien?


JANUS: God of Beginnings – Your Favourite Debut(s)


I think I’ve mentioned all of these but Enclave before. Enclave is the first in a trilogy about a dystopian world that was overran by these creatures that eat humans and how society has changed to combat them. It was actually very different from a lot of the YA dystopias because it doesn’t shy away from the gritty side of things. I really liked the heroine Deuce and the mechanics of how the world worked was super interesting. They live underground and have split the roles in their society in to three parts and if I remember right you decide your role at the age of 15? But either way this is a series I really want to go back and re-read because it was such a journey and I think this series needs more attention even though dystopia’s a little dead now.


ATHENA: Goddess of Wisdom – Your Favourite Non-Fiction Book

This was really hard because I don’t really read non-fiction books. I’ll read articles here and there but never whole books. It’s just not something I would choose to do so I think the last one (and one of the very few ) I read was this. It’s about this family who’s son almost died and he came back saying he had been to heaven.  I don’t know what your stance on God is or otherwise but I’m putting it in the non-fiction section because it’s about the family’s experience with a son who believed he’d gone to heaven. I didn’t really like the book much from a narrative sense, but as I’ve said non-fiction / biographies are just not for me. I guess I’m just not that nosy!


APHRODITE: Goddess of Love – A Book You Adore and Recommend Everyone Read (other than your favourite book)


Chine Meavile’s The City & The City. It’s not my favourite book of all time but it’s one that really made me think. If you like books like that I really recommend this.


HADES: God of the Underworld – An Evil Book You Wish Didn’t Exist

This is a super unpopular opinion but Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall. I read the first third of it a few years ago and DNF’d it but this always springs to mind when someone says what don’t you like. I’ve never touched another one of her books since, maybe I’m missing out? Apparently this had been made in to a movie now too, I might have to play a game of I hate myself and watch it.


POSEIDON: God of the Sea and Earthquakes – A Beautiful and Groundbreaking Book


Ground-breaking?  That’s actually incredibly hard to think of. I’ve read so many beautiful books but ground-breaking? I’m going to flip this around and say ground-breaking for me as a writer and what made me really want to write stories. The last book is definitely not YA and the series is definitely 18+! But it is an awesome supernatural novel and I loved the first few books in the series.


APOLLO: God of the Arts – A Beautiful Book Cover


We Are Okay by Nina Lecour. LOOK AT IT.


HYPNOS: God of Sleep – A Book So Boring You Almost Fell Asleep

1984 by George Orwell. It seemed interesting and I want to read it but maybe I’m not at the right point in life to do that yet. I’ve tried but if I’m in bed reading that book I’ve fallen asleep like three times trying too. I think it’s all a little over the top for me. Maybe I’m trying to take it too seriously?


HERMES: Messenger of the Gods – A Book You Sped Through

Any book I love I speed through so the list could be endless and the most recent book I sped through was ACOWAR. So for variety I’m going to say… The Young Elites by Marie Lu I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did. And I will be posting a review of it soon! 🙂



I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

I”m far too happy that I found a copy of this book in a book store in China in English. It was like the story was meant to find me. Then five days later a friend was leaving and had a lot of books she was leaving behind, a much prettier yellow copy of I’ll Give You The Sun being one of them. So I was meant to find to find this story as much as those characters were meant to find each other. And this book, the characters and their stories did help me so much. It lifted me up in a way I didn’t know I needed. It made me think about things I didn’t know I needed to think about. I recently read We Are Okay by Nina Lecour and that was amazing and thought provoking, but this, this is what I needed. A book that loves art and talks about art and people’s messy lives.


I’ll Give You The Sun

by Jandy Nelson

5 / 5 stars

I love contemporary novels that describe things as if they’re fantastical. It adds this new layer to the novel and also gives the book a little bit of natural magic. (I may be biased because I flipping love fantasy.)

Anyway I loved I’ll Give You The Sun from the very beginning. I could just hear Noah’s voice from the first page and I loved how he had drawing ideas from everything and I could picture his ideas too. I was taken to the idea of the twins, as stories about twins are always fascinating and how their relationship dynamic works. They divvy up parts of the world as if they’re small gods, hence the name of the novel. I found their relationship very believable.

I enjoyed Jude’s POV too, which is written two years after Noah’s. I liked the whole Clark Gable thing and her wacky ‘bible’. Also her hypochondriac tendencies, which everyone does every so often. But I did find the two year skip a little spoilery in terms of flicking back to Noah’s POV. Even though the stories were supposed to flow like that. It did make me prefer Jude’s POV over Noah’s.

The twins’ journeys were so interesting to read about. One thing I would have loved to read about actually was Noah’s POV while he was sixteen, he was going through a very hard point in his life and I really wanted to know what he was thinking.

I loved Oscar and Guillermo. They were funny and amazing. Honestly, I loved this novel and it’s hit my all time favourites.

I have a soft spot for stand alone novels now that there are so many trilogies and such out there but I think I would love a continuation of this book! Contemporaries don’t get enough sequels, supernaturals hog that corner of the market so much.

Tell me your thoughts! I may have fan-girled a bit. :’)

A Court of Flipping WAR (A Court of Wings and Ruin Review)

It has been two days since the penultimate novel has came out and I have finished it on a small tiny phone screen. And I loved it, of course!


A Court of Wings And Ruin

by Sarah J Maas

5 / 5 stars

Now have I mentioned I love Sarah’s stories? Because by the way, I do, in case you missed my fan-girling already. ACOTAR was my least favourite in the series and then I fell truly in love with ACOMAF and I think it is probably my favourite book of all time – quote wise, the issues it covers and because of the plot, description, world. It just didn’t shy away from anything. So it was almost inevitable that I would love her third novel. I missed those characters as if they were a little family of my own. And if you could guess by the 5 / 5 rating I loved it. But maybe I’m just being picky but I felt like… the book should have hurt me more (strange thing to want, I know.)

Okay well let me GUSH for a minute in a somewhat neat style about what I loved:

  • HEY EVERYONE’S BACK. Picking up from where we left off Feyre goes to infiltrate Tamlin’s court and she’s being a manipulative goddess.
  • Feysand.
  • We hear more about the courts as they all attempt to band together to stop Hybern.
  • More evil booglie fae monsters are revealed.

If you loved ACOMAF pick up this book, why haven’t you yet? 😀 If you’ve only read ACOTAR oh-my-gosh why haven’t you read further, so much happens. ACOTAR is so different in comparison to the rest.

Anyway here is my one thing against the book, which is a slight spoiler so if you don’t want a single hint on how the book may make you feel don’t read further! 🙂

So now let me explain my one problem about it all. There is this huge war that’s going to happen and there are so many powerful things on either side and everyone is using so much magic. They constantly run out, which is fair enough they’re all being stretched thin. So when they get to the penultimate battle (Obviously, not a spoiler unless you believed Hybern was going to poof in to smoke. Spoiler he doesn’t.) and fight. Why was my heart not ripped from my chest? I cried while reading it, a true sign of a book that can emulate feels and I was happy with the outcome. But I didn’t feel like they lost so much. It felt too good to be true.

Maybe I’ve become a cynic. But that’s just my take on it. Loved it all but I feel like I should be heartbroken…but I’m really not. Hope this babble made some ounce of sense. I’ve tried not to be too spoilery! They do lose things, but in my opinion not enough. Also did anyone else find this book less quotable? So many awesome things happened but I felt like I could have highlighted half the pages in ACOMAF as quotable whereas not really at all with ACOWAR.

Also I’m hoping we see more Tamlin in the spin-off series she’s planning to do. Tamlin was complex and his actions in ACOWAR really made me want to know why. What was going through his head?  What did you guys think (if you’ve finished it yet?)



We Are Okay by Nina Lecour

Do you want to know why I bought this book? Why I am a terrible human being? because I loved the cover. I freaking loved it. LOOK AT IT. Did I know what the book was about when I impulse bought it? Hardly at all.


Also because I heard about it on PolandBananasbooks channel and I loved the premise of a girl leaving home with just her phone, wallet and a picture of her mother and I wanted to know why.  But it turned out to be more than a mystery novel, maybe you guys know more about this novel than me but I went in to it virtually blind because I only I had eyes for the cover. It wasn’t what I expected but I loved it all the more for it.

Also my crappy book photography is back ~


We Are Okay

by Nina Lecour

5 / 5 Stars

The first few pages felt a little Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfied-esque to me. The empty beds, a letter, the weather; it all had to mean something to Marin. And I kind of liked that and I didn’t.  I liked Catcher in the Rye (sort of kind, that is a rant / babble that I might save for a later post). I liked it because you can feel the character’s personality almost instantaneously through different objects and its not all she felt like this and this blah blah. It spices it up. But it also stops doing that very quickly, which is good because while I liked Catcher in the Rye it was a bit slow going and boggily too introspective at times. So the beginning of We Are Okay gave me moody teenage flashbacks for a minute. But crisis averted, it moves on!

To the mystery sort of why did she run away. We are informed her good friend she cut off all ties with from her home town is coming to visit. And then I am waiting for this. Because when her friend arrives it will reveal why Marin did this super extreme thing.

I really loved this premise. To just run away and leave everything because doesn’t everyone have those days where you just want to get up and go? You’re on a train, at work, or just sitting on the couch and you think what if I just go? But we never actually do it, which is why I was intrigued to read about a character who did it. But of course, Marin’s reasons are spurred by trauma.

Which is where it now becomes hard to talk about the rest of the novel without spoilers. So I’m going to say that it’s definitely worth a read if you enjoy reading books about finding yourself, teenage love but also family secrets (ones you wished you’d never known). This book was a roller coaster. And I found the ending satisfying.

I want to say so much more about this book! But I feel like wordpress isn’t the best platform to gush about spoilers because it’s hard to hide them from unsuspecting eyes. So let me know your thoughts on the book, if you’ve read it and if you haven’t DO! Sorry for the babble, love you all! 🙂


The Old Kingdom Series by Garth Nix

I wrote a review on the first book Sabriel a few months ago but after reading the rest I really want to go back on my five star recommendation… Maybe 4? I would give Lirael and Abhorsen 3.5 each.


The Old Kingdom Trilogy by Garth Nix

3.5  / 5 stars

The thing is I loved the beginning of all of these books and the end. But the middles…are just too long. It’s all Lord of the Ring’s journey-esque and I feel it could really have skipped or glossed over some things.

But the endings are truly a good climax to the books, there is action, it’s well described. I love it, in fact I’d rather the endings were longer. There’s never a page or two of oh now they’re doing this. Instead it’s all oh hey they survived THE END. And I mean sometimes open endings are great but I’ve followed this character walking through chapters upon chapters of forest, can’t I have something?

But the series’ world is amazing, I love how the Charter that sorts all magic is organised and how all the magic that is not Charter works around this. We get to see how it affects the people. The shrouded mysterious history of the world is interesting. And I loved Sabriel and Lirael as main characters. I think I loved Lirael far more. But the middles of the books really are a slog and that’s why I would harshly give it 3.5. Shame on me!

I think it’s worth a read if you have patience – or like a good old novel about taking a freaking long time to get somewhere! Because of this I’m not an avid Lord of the Rings fan, yep shame on me.

But I love Lirael as a character, we first meet her in Lirael duh! And we follow her life for a few years as a girl who doesn’t fit in with the rest of her people. But the story was done really well and she didn’t feel all that whiney. I was really rooting for her. Anyway, the characters and the world is what kept me ploughing through the middle of these books.

Have you read the series? Tell me your thoughts! (Also how is Across the Wall? Is it worth picking up?)

Mystery Blogger Award 5.0/6





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Thank you Kayla for tagging me! I love doing book tags and while it’s taken me a little while to get round to it. I HAVE DONE IT.


  1. I have fallen back in love with Animal Crossing New Leaf <3.  After a super stressful day at work it’s just so chill. And Wolfgang is a grumpy little cutie :3
  2. I am writing a sequel to my unpublished novel. Sad, really. But I can’t leave the characters alone and I look forward to doing it so much it really brightens my day. And so I’m at 35k words…
  3. I’m currently working in China. It’s a bit of a love hate relationship currently.


Where was the last place you travelled, and when was it?

The last place I travelled to would be Hong Kong, which is just a series of train rides and a couple of border checks. That was about a month ago but that was the last major place I went. The reason…because there’s a nerd store there that’s four stories high and I AM A NERD.

Tell me a teaser sentence from the book you’re currently reading!

“He floated into the air high above the sleeping forest, his green hat spinning a few feet above his head. In his hand was the open suitcase and out of it spilled a whole sky of stars.” – I’ll Give You the Sun.

It’s not the most quotable of books but I love the story as whole. And I love how Noah thinks of all these amazing pictures, like the one I just quoted. It gives the novel a little bit of magic despite being normal.


What song is stuck in your head right now? (if any)

Anger by Sleeping at Last. It’s super moody but I’m writing this really sad part in my book where all the characters are having a bad time and it’s working pretty well for that.

Otherwise when I’m being normal and not listening to the same song for five hours straight it’d be Eraser by Ed Sheeran.

Under what circumstances would you DNF a book?

If it was really boring? Down-right offensive with no reason, or if the characters are really clueless and annoying halfway in to the book. I used to DNF a lot of books, I’m on a good streak actually for not doing that

Share your favourite meme or GIF!

It will forever and always be this.




  1. What quote has changed your life (name the book it’s from!)?
  2. What’s the best book you have ever read?
  3. Favourite character from a book/movie/anything?
  4. Do you buy books knowing you’re never going to read them?
  5.  I’m going to steal Kayla’s question. What song is stuck in your head right now? (Link it if you can!)


Alicia @ The Grumpy Librarian

Charlotte Annelise

Natalie @ The Hedgie Press

The School Subjects Book Tag!

ya hunt book tag

 So I saw this book tag on the amazing Icebreaker694’s blog but then I forgot to do this weeks ago because my life suddenly became incredibly busy, which it still is but I am currently not drowning in work as much as I was before (woo, I think…).

And out of laziness you are ALL tagged. If you want to do this tag do it. Link back to me so I can see your wonderful answers! 🙂 I love reading book tags and answering them 😉


The City & The City by Chine Meaville. It’s not YA but I loved it and I wrote about it in my final year of my literature degree. Then I re-read and it made my head spin as I realised there could be so much more to it. It’s definitely one those books you want to read more than once to go theory crazy on.




The City & The City by China Meaville.


Book: Sam from Abhorsen by Garth Nix. He was more scientifically minded in a magic sort of way but he is the first character to come to mind.

Film: Newt Scamander. Not the most scientific person buuut he knew his magical creatures down to a T. That takes some science =3.


Rowan and Aelin.  Feyre and Rhysand. Emma and Julian.


Book: A Court of Mist and Fury

YA Series: Throne Of Glass

Manga Series:  Fruits Basket ( I watch more than I read now, which still isn’t much. I feel like I’ve exhausted them a bit. )

Film: Spirited Away

TV Series: House

Character: Karou


The Crusade trilogy. I read all three because I really like the covers of the books and I needed to validate buying them. I didn’t love the story, I liked them at times but I LOVED THOSE COVERS.



Wayfarer I guess? They did go back in time I guess? Otherwise it’d be the time re-read Jane Eyre about six months ago.


Venice, Japan, the lake district in England again because I love that place far too much.


Caraval. I have not read it but all I see is Caraval, Caraval, Caraval and it makes me have no  desire to pick up this book. I could missing something amazing but I can’t make myself do it.


So that was the Book Subjects Book tag! Have fun if you choose to do it too! 🙂 Bye!