Get to know me tag! – Because everyone obviously wants to (haha I’m so not very funny…)

So I’m not at work today because I managed to dehydrate myself to death yesterday and I’m still feeling it. At least I hope that’s why I’m ill. I don’t want to have to go to the doctors; one, because who wants to go? Two, language barriers are exhausting and my very limited Chinese does not expand to medical jargon. Or anything to do with the body, except I need the loo! And I only know that thanks to the kids I teach at school.

Note to self: Make sure one has health down before going to Japan. (The next destination.)

So I saw this on The Grumpy Librarian’s blog and I felt like being a narcissist today – so here is a tag no one will have any interest in! :3


Vital Stats:

Name: Emma

Nicknames: Serephia, Kimi (old, old gaming name that I can’t get rid of.)  Kishmish. – Yep these are all usernames I use on the internet. Oh and a normal one: Em. 

Birthday: 22nd March

Star Sign: Aries – Which I have recently come to accept. Sims 1 made Aries’ sound like assholes with only 3 nice points…so I was a self proclaimed Pisces. But I’ve recently come to terms with the fact Aries are awesome and you’ve got to be an asshole sometimes. 

Occupation: Teacher! If you want to see the world and English is your first language (or your freaking brilliant at it) this is your ticket to doing so. Teach English, you don’t even need a teaching degree, which is not necessarily a good thing because learning how to teach is basically being thrown in a classroom here. Terrifying. But you’re at the other side of the world experiencing something you never have before. It’s not easy but its the opportunity of a lifetime.


Hair Colour: Brown

Hair Length: A bit past my shoulders. 

Eye Colour: Grey

Best Feature: Oh no I’m being asked to be positive….erm. I guess I’m going to say the colour of my hair! HA! Super weird, but I’ve always liked the idea of dying it purple or something stupid but every time I really consider it I realise my hair goes with so many clothes already…why ruin it? 

Braces: Didn’t want them as a child. My teeth aren’t bad now but I wish I had taken them at the time. Always the way!

Piercings: Just my ears. I love the idea of getting scaffolding (thats the right phrase?) But I never will X’D

Tattoos: Similar to extra piercings. I love the idea of getting like a silhouette of birds or feathers on my ankle. But its permanent and I’m terrified I’ll regret it five years later. I had a nightmare like that once and I woke up so glad I hadn’t. But the more I travel around the more I want one… don’t know how one correlates to the other but it does….

Right or Left: Right.


Real Holiday: Real is what you make it. So I’m going to choose the one I had in England (where I actually live). My family went to Devon when I was like 6 ( we probably had family holidays before this but this is the one I actually remember.) It was quaint, there was a large swimming pool jacuzzi thing. We fed ducks. 6 year old me was hyped.

Best Friend: This is difficult actually. I move around so much, I make great great friends and then we go our separate ways and we still message each other but we drift. So I’m going to have to say my boyfriend is my best friend. Rob. We’ve been going out for seven years (scary, right? Numbers ah!) We survived long distance through university and countries. Now, we work in China together and we map out our next places we want to go together.

Award: All those silly ones from school – You did so great in English, science blah blah. I mean they gave me the warm fuzzies at the time but I haven’t won anything since.

Sport: Trampolining. We had one in the back garden and I taught myself how to do flips and stuff. I’m surprised I still have a spine…

Concert: The Kaiser Chiefs. It was awesome.


TV Show(s): Outlander, Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy and Orphan Black.

Colours: Purple, blue, red.

Song: Eraser by Ed Sheeran. It’s the song I get ready to in the mornings. Otherwise I’d say Nightbook by Einaudi.

Restaurant: Pizza Express. There’s one even in my city in China! Far too happy about this.

Shop: Am in China. So I’d say H&M, which I would not say in England.

Shoes: Comfy ones. I walk a lot. I like to wear shoes I could run in at a moments notice.


Feeling: A little stressed! -.-

Single or Taken: Taken.

Eating: Nothing right now, China’s snack food is not my kind of snack food. Great for staying healthy, not eating it! XD

Thinking About: The unnecessary sequel to my unpublished and hardly sent off to agents novel.

Watching:  13 Reasons Why. 

Wearing: My university t-shirt. Pjs ❤


Want Children: Yeah, one or two.

Want to be Married:  Of course, to Rob. We’ve talked about it in that disgustingly cute couple way. 

Careers in Mind: Author. I’d be so happy if I could just write all day for a living. I also wouldn’t mind working in a library or in a publishing agency (on the fiction side. I actually get to look at the slush pile of novels, sort of thing). 

Where You Want to Live: The Lake district in England. Or Cambridge. They’re the only two places I’ve been to that I wouldn’t mind living in for the unforeseeable future. Like there are places I want to see, need to see but I can’t imagine living there for like years.

Do You Believe in:

God: Yes, I’m Christian. I always want to write about characters who believe in God, just believe. I don’t want the novel to be preachy but I feel like characters in books that just believe  are really not done. Like it’s either a preachy book or it’s never mentioned. I want to see more books (like YA) that have this!

Miracles: Yes. But I am a sceptic. 

Love at First Sight: It’s cute in books and I believe you can be attracted to someone at first – like them. But not love. Love is emotional I feel you need to get to know someone first to love them.

Ghosts: No. 

Aliens: Definitely no.

Soul Mates: Yes.

Heaven: Yep.

Hell: Yep.

Kissing on the First Date: Yeah. I guess I would have said no a few years ago, but I finished uni and so much happens in uni to yourself and the people around you. A kiss can mean a lot but it can also mean nothing. So yes, if I liked the person I would obviously kiss them. It’s like a hey I’m actually interested sort of signal XD! If you didn’t kiss them it would seem like you had no interest.

Yourself: Yes, because who else will? I mean it’s admittedly half arsed level of lying believing in myself but you do what you’ve got to do get yourself doing. I have to believe my writing is good enough so I can actually work on it but at the same time I have to really not believe in it so I can keep my feet on the ground and shake it off when an agent says not my taste.

So that is the Get To Know Me tag, that no one really wants to read but felt like doing because I’m a massive narcissist. (Not really, just a bit right now. Everyone is occasionally, right?) Like spur of the moment narcissism. Self love, whatever?

OH and whoever wants to do this tag consider yourself TAGGED. Because that’s sort of the point of these, right? Do them if you want to! XD


I don’t know whether to celebrate this or to cry about it. But earlier I said I finished the possible final draft of a novel and now like the true perfectionist monster writing this novel has made me become I am going to do a full rewrite of it. I’m probably not going to copy and paste a single piece of dialogue. Why? Well because I obviously think i needed to make a huge change.


So Janowrimo begins. I have a month of holiday off of work and I have until the 6th of February to finish a novel that will be around 100,000 words. Starting from 0. Today. So wish me luck and Janowrimo shall begin! I will roughly have to write around 3000 words a day to even reach 90,000 words so this should be fun.

Good luck to anyone else writing a novel and tell me who yours is going! UNITE !

Damn Millennial problems – not book things at all.

I don’t really expect people to read this as it is not about books, which is what this blog is supposed to be about. But hey I read other people’s life updates some times because it feels like reading a soap opera and sometimes you need those. And these are also a little therapeutic.

So I made this blog when I finished university. I had an abundance of time and I wanted to share my great love of books and discover many more through wordpress.

Then 6 weeks ago I moved to China for a job. I lived in England there weren’t many good opportunities for graduates and I have always wanted to travel. So I did. I’m currently teaching English to little kids – it can be fun and it can be horrible. (As little children are evil minions, don’t let their cute little faces fool you.)

So yeah that major change really messed up any habit I ever had. I kicked my caffeine addiction originally, although to survive work I have resumed. If only someone had told me green tea had caffeine in I may have been fine…

Anyway, the first week is that honeymoon phase where i am in a new country and at the beach THE SEA WAS WARM. Crazy, right? It is if you’re used to England where it is still freezing on the hottest day of the year. So I had a great time. Shenzhen is like a different city at night where everything is lit up with colourful signs and everywhere is open and booming for business until at least 10pm. I have never been to New York but I like to think of Shenzhen as China’s little city that never sleeps.

I have yet to travel outside of Guangdong yet, but I am busy and I never planned to come to china so i am learning as i go. It is all quite daunting. And thats how the honeymoon phase ended. Ordering food is difficult when most places only have chinese menus with a few pictures and those pictures aren’t always the best. For about two weeks here I probably ate very little as I was not used to the change in flavours and would almost order something every night that I did not paticularly enjoy.

But then I made some break through and I found one thing which i would order for days straight and then run back to if i messed up an order somewhere else.  I travelled here with my boyfriend and we were both struggling, I cannot imagine having managed to do this alone. I think I would have given up at so many points and there are rumours of the ones who have, it is not uncommon.

So rounding up really. I miss England, I miss real western food and the simplicity OF KNOWING WHEN MY FREAKING PACKAGES ARRIVE. Of course these are small things but hundreds of small things make the problem seem insurmountable. But I am not leaving because I do not know if I could get a job in England and I don’t know if I am also just struggling to break out of university students habits – where waking up at 8 was the worst thing in the world. I’m not the type of person to throw in the towel but I am not the happiest of people right now and there are so many reasons as to why I could not pinpoint it.

So really, what I’m saying is: Hey, you might have graduated recently or something and are not enjoying the job you’ve got but just keep at it. Work until you can find a better option. Be a millennial and work for you dream. Because who knows if you quit whatever you’re doing now if the next thing is going to be better. So just keep your head up.