To all you writers out there…

Hey, I know I haven’t been the most active lately for many reasons – I’ve read a few books which I could gush over as amazing pieces of genius! But I’m just feeling a little down right now.

How’s everyone else doing with their writing endeavours? How do you all go about sending things off to agents if you do? Any advice?

I’ve sent my story off multiple times but nothing. I’m sure everyone hits these points but I am wondering is there anything else I can do? I feel like nowhere is really looking for YA fantasy books right now.

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A gloriously annoying but true writing tip.

“If your beginning can be cut from your story and it doesn’t change anything, you’re starting too early.”

– Said by many people, in many different ways all the time and now by yours truly.


I’ve lived and breathed this phrase since I’ve started writing and I thought I’d been doing it. But it’s hard to cut away at something we love. I’ve sent the beginning of my novel off four times already to different agents but part of me had been wishing see chapter two instead. Which is bad. So I listened to my doubt and I’ve started editing again.

The Perfectionist Chronicles continues!


Don’t know when I’ll finish it and there’s no date set but as I said to everyone who bitched at me for doing this again “you can’t rush genius”. If only I believed that. I feel more like I’m patching up some dilapidated building with sellotape. Moral is be ruthless as hell with your novel.


I finished my novel. Where’s the party?


IT’S DONE. IT’S FINISHED. I DID IT…where are the streamers? The balloons? I’ve got my life back and I’m not sure what I should do with it.


It is a tad anti-climactic. Like finishing a book and realising that’s the end of the characters you’ve followed through an intense journey but one that sucked up far more of my time.

If anything, I guess it means I don’t want to stop writing. Which is good. And I have a lot of projects to start…so perhaps it’s on to the next one. After I send this novel off to some agents (ahh reality). I think I do need to have a party…even if my book won’t give one to me :’)



Name: Lionhearts

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Total Word Count: 108,000 (maybe a little big :S)


Maybe something will come of this, either way I completed a novel and I just sent it to an agent!!





Total Word Count: 104,393.


There was a lot of copy and pasting – but also a hell of a lot of work. So I don’t think I did too bad after all. Although it did go over 90k and Young adult fantasy novels vary so much in word counts. I’m not sure if I’m pushing it too far? Does anyone know what the average for that genre is as the internet is not being the most helpful?

Time for a few painful rounds of proof reading and then I might actually start sending it off!


Janorwrimo update! pt 1.

I haven’t gone insane yet. But there is still time. And I still have time to finish this!



It’s been 8 days since I started my belated Janorwrimo and I have written 30k so far! So I’m ahead of schedule by like 6k woo!

But I did break my rule. I am copy and pasting relevant parts as there are some characters that are just not effected by the change and therefore will say and do the exact same things.

And I’m not writing today. I went to Harry Potter world in London today and it was amazing! And as my boyfriend says I am a Gryffindork ( I even bought a hoodie). It was a great day but im exhausted- so perhaps I’ll make up for it tomorrow. 6k – with maybe some odd copy and paste if I’m lucky.

So hopefully I won’t make a habit of this!

Currently this song has really been helping my writing ~

Madness by Ruelle :


I don’t know whether to celebrate this or to cry about it. But earlier I said I finished the possible final draft of a novel and now like the true perfectionist monster writing this novel has made me become I am going to do a full rewrite of it. I’m probably not going to copy and paste a single piece of dialogue. Why? Well because I obviously think i needed to make a huge change.


So Janowrimo begins. I have a month of holiday off of work and I have until the 6th of February to finish a novel that will be around 100,000 words. Starting from 0. Today. So wish me luck and Janowrimo shall begin! I will roughly have to write around 3000 words a day to even reach 90,000 words so this should be fun.

Good luck to anyone else writing a novel and tell me who yours is going! UNITE !